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Recipe cards to use for bridal showers. Send them out with your matching invitations and have the bride&#;s family and friends share their most treasured recipes with her. NOTE: This is a flat printed invitation, there are no layers or raise 3d element on the invite. COLOR SELECTION: Matching Party invitation stationery. This design features tans, cream and brown. DESIGN: The artwork for this elegant, informal and rustic country barn style wedding invitation invite is graphic designed by Audrey Jeanne Roberts. Perfect for outside, farm, backyard or other picnic style weddings. The background of the torn edge heart is an aged vintage textured, worn and grunged style parchment, lighter in the middle and deeper tan tones at the edges. On the reverse side another heart with your initials carved into the parchment. On one side is the text of your wedding invitation which is easily customized and personalized via the template.

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